Icelandic Inspiration

​There’s nothing better than a rejuvenating vacation to find inspiration for your body, mind, and soul. 

While Catherine is away enjoying a well-deserved, bliss-filled Icelandic getaway of yoga and yummy raw vegan food, Poa has been channeling her inspiration through fashion: namely, Reykjavik street style.

Street style is exactly what it sounds like, real styles from the street, as opposed to impractical runway looks.  If you want to know how ladies and gentlemen throughout the world outfit themselves, I suggest checking out sites like The Sartorialist and Lookbook. 

If you’ve been dealing with temperamental Toronto weather instead of the serene landscapes of Reykjavik, fear not:  I’ve styled some Icelandic-inspired looks and adapted their wintery wardrobes into Canadian summer-approved styles.  Reykjavik street-style largely relies on individual personality:  it’s unique, colourful, and full of layers.  Aim for contrasting patterns, bright clashing colours, tights or socks, and make sure to let your inner street-style star shine!  

 peace & love,


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