Enter the gentle, exquisite world of Poa

The care starts the moment you walk through the door. Tucked among the concrete towers of downtown Toronto, a clothing boutique and spa is waiting for you. But note... it may be the only place where you ever want to purchase your clothes again, according to the many women who have discovered its charm.

Poa Studio is both a clothing boutique and a spa. The two concepts go hand-in-hand for owner, Catherine Pacak. Catherine designed the business based on principles of quality and exclusivity—without pretension because she believes every woman needs to express her inner elegance and originality without changing who they are inside.

“I remember shopping with my mother, watching her literally transform in front of me when she put on a dress she loved, or tried on something that made her feel beautiful and special,” Catherine recalls.

Opened in 2003, Poa offers clothing and accessories hand-selected by Catherine around the world in European boutiques and exotic destinations. Once inside, the intimate space projects a gentle environment with no pressure or expectations. Clients are advised to only go home with items they love. Equally inviting, Poa Spa offers a selection of unparalleled spa services to make one feel transformed and rejuvenated.

The idea for Poa came to Catherine while returning from living in Kenya. “Many things happened there that framed and shaped my life, “ she explains. Her time in Africa added to the mosaic of experiences she brings to every task she takes on. It means that despite her busy travel schedule and the “chic” nature of her work, Catherine holds fast to the values that she and her clients value most.

According to Catherine, the name for Poa Studio comes from a popular Swahili expression used in East Africa that was commonly used as a greeting
in everyday conversation.

 “We’d walk around and someone would shout, ‘Mambo?’ which can mean: Hi. How are things? How are you?  The most common answer is Poa (Cool! or I’m cool!) which comes from the verb that means ‘to get cool or to feel better’.”

Catherine says, “You can have all the fancy things in the world, but what really matters is how people speak to one another. It’s all about the importance of appreciating the small details that make life worthwhile”.

Besides being one of Toronto’s best secrets for clothing and spa services, Catherine has kept Poa as a place where clients always feel welcomed and renewed.

“I know that my customers can go anywhere to shop,” she notes, “but they continue to come here. I say to them, thank you.”

Poa Studio is located at the NW corner of Church and Adelaide Street, Toronto.

Shop for exclusive European labels at Poa Studio: Spa and Boutique (98 Church St.)

Revitalize with a Signature Poa massage, Reiki treatment or Deluxe Customized Poa Facial.